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Office Reveal

Happy Monday lovelies!

The day is finally here that I show you my big office reveal! This has been a work in progress for about 9 months, but I finally finished it (more like my hubby finished it haha) and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out! I wanted this space to be a space that anyone could create, and I kept it super budget friendly! Now remember I did take almost a year to put this all together, so I didn’t go out and spend all of this money to put this together overnight. It started out as a small idea, and now is a creative space that I can use for a multitude of things!!

Main photo

Bare with me, this will be a long post, but I want to be super detailed and explain as much as I can so that you can create the same kind of space in your home!

Ok first, this room is a third of one spare room that we have. We thankfully have a pretty large home and had an extra room that we weren’t using, so I got the opportunity to build my office space in part of this room. The reason why I didn’t make this into a full room is because we are leasing our house, and didn’t want to put wood floors in an entire room that we don’t personally own.

We put laminate wood floors in and laid plywood underneath it to support the wood. (You would have to have a saw to be able to cut the plywood to the length you need for the floors to fit into whatever space you choose.) If you don’t have those things, then you could totally create this same space with carpet, or a fun rug to cover up carpet. I personally wanted the look of wood floors, because it makes the special look really clean and elegant (and I’m not a fan of carpet at all). You can find awesome rugs HERE at affordable prices.

Wood floors are in the color Tavern Oak and can be found HERE.

Gold brackets under the shoe shelf are HERE.

Camera I use can be found HERE

Fill Flash to make these photos bright can be found HERE (P.S. If you don’t have one of these and take photos in your home, then you definitely need one! It makes the photos a million times brighter!)

Next is the paint. You can keep your walls white if that is what the color is already or paint it whatever color you choose to brighten up your creative space! We painted one wall light pink as you can see in the photos! The flash on my camera (I use a fill flash in this room) tones down the pink color a lot in photos, so take that into consideration when choosing a paint color.

whole office 1 whole office 2 whole office 3 whole office 4

When we originally started this room, it wasn’t going to be an office. The left side where the gold rack and shoe self are we’ve had from the beginning and you may have seen in photos before, and the right side was completely bare so that we could use that side for impromptu photos of me if the lighting wasn’t the greatest outside, or I needed a quick picture against a blank wall. Well whenever we took a photo of me on that side of the wall, I just didn’t like it at all so that side was left bare for some time until I turned it into a partial office space.

Middle 1 middle 2

The gold bar where the clothes are hanging was originally silver, we spray painted it metallic gold and we found it at IKEA! The gold brackets holding up the white shoe shelf we found at LOWES and we spray painted those gold as well. The white shelf is from LOWES too, it came white so we didn’t need to do anything to that! (all of these items are linked above)

Left Side 1 left side 2 left side 3 left side 4 left side 5

The round white and gold table was a fluke that we found at a Macy’s close out sale. The Macy’s at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County was going out of business and they were literally selling everything in the store; the makeup counters, clothing racks and pretty much anything else you could think of, so we snatched it up for $40 and spray painted the legs gold!

I wanted to keep this whole space cost effective so I didn’t want to spend too much on a desk and chair so of course I went to the most cost effective stores around, Target + HomeGoods! The desk can be found HERE and I found the chair at Home Goods like two weeks ago. I originally bought a different one but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it! Lucky for you, I found it available HERE.

I looked EVERYWHERE for thin gold frames and couldn’t find them anywhere unless I wanted to spend $30 a frame, so I found these ones the same time I found the chair at Home Goods and I was seriously throwing a dance party in the store because they were so perfect and exactly what I was looking for! The gold frames are by Nicole Miller and were $12.99 if you want to search for them in your local store. HERE + HERE are similar frames at the same price point. The white frame I found at Home Goods as well. I originally wanted the huge Prada photo from ZGallerie that Katey Mcfarland has in her office space but again I wanted to keep the costs down, so I made up my own way of having a Prada photo on the wall. I went on ETSY and searched “Fashion Prints” and spent hours narrowing down which ones I wanted to have up there! Each photo was like $4 so definitely doable with any print you find!

Right 1 right 2 right 3 right 4 right 5 right 6 right 7 right 8

The faux fur rug I found at IKEA and the fur stool I found for $6 at Target last year! (Major score, I bought two)!

I use this space to take all of my flat lays, I will now use it to showcase my office space and the clothing rack and shoe shelf are rotated with my favorite clothing pieces and new shoes!

This is a cramped space, and if you have the room to enjoy something like this in a much bigger room, then you could obviously have these small areas expanded into a bigger area, but it works for me (for now) and works well for photographs for my blog and to showcase on Instagram. Besides, I bet you couldn’t even tell that this was basically a “set” and not a whole room! Pictures can be deceiving sometimes lol!

The photos below are to show you that this is just a partial room and completely done on top of carpet. I also showed you what the plywood looked like under the wood floors. As long as you have plywood that fits exactly under the wood floor, you will have no problem at all with the wood breaking. It is completely sturdy!! Trust me my son runs on it ALL the time haha!

Last 1 last 2 last 3 last 4 last 5

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear if you already have your own in home office, or simply need a refresh or if you have been wanting to do this for some time now and just haven’t been able to get around to it. This room is right outside of our bedroom, so I love waking up and being able to have a space like this to work in. I am linking all products in the photo widget below. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday and a great rest of your week!!


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