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Courtnee + Brayden’s Birthday


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Happy Wednesday sweet friends!!

I wanted to share with you today a combined birthday post for Brayden and I! Brayden’s birthday is today July 12th, and my birthday is this Friday the 14th!

To start this post off a little mushy, I think this year with Brayden turning 3 is the hardest for me. He now is 100% aware of his surroundings, speaks full sentences, and is the most amazing (and sometimes a little a lot crazy), most fun loving boy and to see him grow so much over this past year has definitely made me a little sad to see him turn 3. I get to stay home with him every single day and help shape him into who he is going to grow up to be, and that is truly the best honor I could have! He is the light of our world and the biggest blessing!

I turn 25 this Friday, and you know what that means right? I can rent a car finally haha! No but really, 25 seems to be that first year in your 20s that people don’t look at you like you are a baby…I don’t know if any of you have every experienced that, but when you tell someone your age, their initial reaction is “awwww” as if you’re a baby. Little do they know I have a house, and a baby and am married and have been for years! I always found that to be interesting that people automatically judge you by your age! Well I am here to tell you, that you can accomplish anything at any age, even when you are young! Do not ever be afraid to chase your dreams!

A few facts about me that you might not know!

1. I am born and raised in Southern California (San Fernando Valley to be specific) and went to high school in Nebraska where my moms family is from.

2. I never had a fear of heights until I went parasailing two years ago, and now I am deathly scared of heights!

3. I have a gluten and soy allergy

4. I am not a morning person at all and could sleep until noon everyday if I could.

5. I am a lotion addict! I have it next to my bed, in the bathroom, in every purse, in the car, in Brayden’s stroller and in the kitchen! I use Aveeno Lotion from Costco.

6. I live in dresses (I’m sure you all know that one already)!

7. My biggest insecurity are my legs, and thats why I don’t wear jeans all that often!

8. One of my favorite places to shop besides Nordstrom, is T.J. Maxx!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and get ready for tomorrows post all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!


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