Welcome to my blog lovelies! Im Courtnee and I am the girl behind the Personally Styled Blog! I have created a fashion and lifestyle blog to show you my favorite places to shop, when and how you can score all the best deals, what I love to wear and pictures of my life journey here in Southern California! One thing you should know about me is that I am a total dress fanatic! Like, thats all I wear 95% of the time!

A little bit about my home life: I am married to the most amazing and hardworking man, his name is Michael. He is my partner in crime and truly my better half! (And if you like the blog, thank him because he created it!) I am a stay at home mom to our son Brayden, he will be 2 in July and he is our entire world and more! What I am basically saying is that I am pretty darn lucky to have these two boys in my life! More about our crazy life adventure in future posts!

family photo